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Welcome to Shock House 2013

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Welcome to Shock House 2013 Empty Welcome to Shock House 2013

Post  Al 28th September 2011, 01:13

Welcome to everyone interested in being a Shock House actor in 2013!!!

My name is Al, and I'm the owner of The Shock House!!

When you register on this forum, please use your real (full names)

Please check your private messages on this forum often.

Please read all of this forum, and check back every couple days for news and updates.

I want to thank you all for your interest in wanting to be a part of the 2013 show. This obsession started for me 8 years ago as a small garage haunt, and in the past 8 years it has become the largest and most successful Haunted Attraction in Saskatchewan.

As actors of "The Shock House" you all have a duty to give your best effort to keep this the number one Haunt Show in Saskatchewan. If you are not ready to give your best effort, please do ot waste my time, or yours.

This is very important: Please do not come to this forum, register, get accepted, and then never come back until it's show time. I want you to check in here for any news/updates/discussion every few days.

Another important point: If you know anyone who simply wants to show up and act, please inform them that is not the way it works. If they are not on this forum, and given the thumbs-up from me, they can not be a part of the show. Please pass this around to interested people at your school.

Please head over to the Introduction area to introduce yourselves, and then please send me the pictures I require. After I get to know you a bit, I will make my decision if you are in, or out. If you are in, I will open up the rest of the forum for you, if I do not accept you as an actor, I will not let you in, and I'm sorry.

Thank you all very much,

The Shock House Owner

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