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introducing myself :) Empty introducing myself :)

Post  jessica.galbiati67 on 12th October 2013, 15:15

Hi my name is Jessica Marie Galbiati, I am 16 years old. I am very gothic
>> I
> am
>> > > very into dark and scary things. I dress in dark cloths, wear dark
> heavy
>> > > make up. I love ghosts and mosters. I always have an erg to scare
> people
>> > > such as my younger brother. My looks can have a tendency to scare
> people
>> > > who scare me I find it hilarious. I have a lip ring on the right
>> side
> of
>> > > my
>> > > lip. I love skulls and the colour black, I love night time when its
> pitch
>> > > black and its all creepy. Halloween is just my time of year. the
> spooky
>> > > noises and visiting grave yards. oh my gosh its just awesome! i love
> it
the picture wont upload and i sent you a pic already so i will send it to you again through email sorry for the inconvenience

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