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Introduce Yourself

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Introduce Yourself Empty Introduce Yourself

Post  Al 28th September 2011, 00:30

Hello Shock House Actors.

This is where I want you to introduce yourselves. I need to know your names, ages, and if you are still in school. If you are in school, please let me know what school you go to, if you are out of school and you want to share where you work or what you do, please feel free to do that. If you've acted for me before can you please share your past experience with new actors coming in as well.

I also need a "clear" (and sized) picture of yourself from shoulders up emailed to me ( ) If you acted in past years, I also need you to send me a picture of yourself in costume/makeup if you have one.

Please keep this in mind:

We need to be a family of actors with a common goal, and that goal is to keep "The Shock House" as Saskatchewan's Greatest Haunted Attraction.

Also, as you read through my rules, or anything I've posted here, it may seem to you that I am being somewhat harsh, however, I want you to know that 95% of the actors I've ever had in Regina have been great. If I seem harsh in my rules, please remember that is geared towards the other 5%.

Please create a new topic with your first and last name in the title.


Hi, my name is ------ ---------, I'm -- years old and go to -------school. I've been an actor for the Shock House for the last two years and it's been great fun.

If there's anything else you'd like to add, please do.

Thank you


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